Marles houses meet the highest standards of technical, energy, environmental and business excellence, which, on the basis of permanent testing has been confirmed by internationally renowned institutes such as Holzforschung from Austria and FMPA Otto Graf from Germany.

Marles, with the acquired certificates, proves that it is the market leader in the construction of prefabricated wooden, high-efficiency low-energy and passive buildings on the Slovenian market and with the acquisition of the most prestigious certificates dictates trends in both the domestic and foreign markets.

Passivhaus, certificate of the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt

This institute sets standards for the passive construction and control of construction implementation. The certificate shows the excellent energy quality of the buildings in our passive construction system MEGA PLUS PASIV

CE mark, European technical approval
Marles possesses the European Technical Approval (ETA 08/0243/2009) which is a certificate of compliance, which ensures that Marles houses comply with essential safety requirements. This is a certificate, which within the scope of harmonized legislation, is granted to a certain manufacturer by the authority for technical approval named by the Commission for granting European technical approvals. The acquisition is essential for all products wishing to enter the market of the European Union or bear the CE mark issued by the authorities for technical approval which are members of the of the European Organisation for Technical Approvals - EOTA.
The basis for European technical approval of prefabricated houses is the guideline for European Technical Approvals ETAG 007, edition April 2001. With the CE mark, which can be found on the product, the manufacturer declares that the product complies with the essential requirements for safety, health and environmental protection set by European regulations and the majority of so-called product directives. Marles obtained the European technical approval from the delegated authority for issuing technical approvals OIB (Österreichisches Institut für Bautechnick). This demonstrates the most important characteristics of Marles products:
• mechanical resistance and stability,
• fire safety,
• hygiene and health protection and environmental protection
• safe use
• noise protection and
• energy savings and heat retention.
Marles has also obtained the EC certificate of conformity 1359-CPD-0284 for glued laminated timber, confirming that all the regulations for confirming own factory quality control are being implemented, as defined in the SIST EN 14080:2005 standard.

Passivhaus, certificate of the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt
This institute sets standards for the passive construction and control of construction implementation. The certificate shows the excellent energy quality of the buildings in our passive construction system. The Steblovnik passive house for which we obtained the certificate is not entirely a typical passive house. We should mention that we have achieved an average air-tightness of 0.2 h-1 for this house.

Minergie certificate
The Minergie certificate Nr.SO-485 is a Swiss deluxe certificate for the construction of high-efficiency low-energy buildings. The Swiss building standard means that in addition to energy consumption for heating living areas, the energy consumption for hot water and electric-powered ventilation system must be taken into account.

IQ Austria certificate
The international quality mark for Marles prefabricated houses ÖQA registration no. IZ 127 is awarded by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (Die ÖQA-Österreichische Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Förderung der Qualität).

Austrian technical approval− UA mark
For the structural elements of prefabricated houses and production of individual houses: Number E-4.1.1-04-3605 for the manufacture of structural elements in Organisational Unit Lawrence and number of E-4.1.1-04-3578 for the manufacture of structural elements in Organisational Unit Podvelka. Thus, in Austria, in addition to the CE mark, we can offer construction products also bearing Austrian technical approval, which is in accordance with Austrian law and the Rules on the regulations on the scope of construction products (LGB, Nr.32/199).

IFT certificate
Individual statements of our windows for thermal protection according to the EN ISO 10077-1:2006 standard have been obtained with the calculation program, validated (tested) by IFT Rosenheim as the notified institute.

RAL quality mark
German technical approval for the production of prefabricated houses RAL according to the German standard DIN 1052 and RAL-GZ 422, awarded by the Federal Association for Quality Prefabricated Construction and Prefabricated Houses. Extend it to the regular annual inspection of the institute.

Excellent SME
This is an online certificate − "Excellent SME Slovenia" − recognition for business excellence awarded to top companies in Slovenia by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the established COFACE rating company. The main objectives of the certificate are to increase the safety of operations and trust and easier and faster business decisions with less risk for customers and business partners.
The basis for the issuance of the certificate is the rating and regular monitoring by the COFACE Slovenia rating company and SafeSigned ® web technology which prevents duplication of this quality label from the website of the COFACE rating company.

ECO Fund
Marles with its high-quality solutions meets the requirements of the ECO Fund thereby enabling its customers to obtain subsidies.
The Fund encourages development in the field of environmental protection by providing loans and guarantees for environmental investments and other forms of assistance. The Fund encourages investments that are consistent with the National Environmental Action Plan and the environmental policy of the European Union.

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
Marles is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia as an effective business association represents the interests of businesses in their relations with the government and trade unions in shaping the conditions of work and business and ensures conditions for economic development. It provides members with new opportunities for development, competitiveness and market penetration.

Members of the Consortium of Passive Houses
The Consortium of Passive Houses is an informal association of institutions, companies and professionals, whose activities promote and facilitate the construction of passive houses (heating energy consumption up to 15 kWh/(m2a)) and superior low-energy houses (heating energy consumption from 15 kWh/(m2a) to 30 kWh/(m2a)). It was established with a view of bringing passive houses closer to final of users and investors - by introducing the concepts of living and comfort and providing information on the current situation and offer in Slovenia. The Consortium of Passive Houses operates under the auspices of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana.

Sector of Manufacturers of Wooden Prefabricated Buildings (SPLMS) Membership
Major tasks of the Sector:
- provision of quality wood construction,
- collection of data for statistics regarding the production and construction of prefabricated houses,
- upgrading of the website of the Sector with information on members and the advantages of prefabricated construction, as well as other information of interest to the general public,
- organisation of promotional activities for the popularisation and validation of prefabricated construction,
- acquainting professionals and the general public with the advantages and particularities of prefabricated construction,
- activities to establish incentives for the construction of energy-efficient buildings (Consortium of Passive Houses, green public procurement, etc.),
- inclusion and acquisition of the status of Member States in the Federation of European Prefabricated Building Manufactures.

Creditwoethiness raiting AAA
In 2018, MARLES HIŠE MARIBOR d.o.o. received Certificate of Excellence in Creditworthiness AA, which represents an above-average rating of economic operators.

Družbeno odgovoren delodajalec
Družbeno odgovoren delodajalec je prvi, na mednarodnem standardu temelječ certifikat v slovenskem prostoru, ki celostno naslavlja področje družbene odgovornosti, s poudarkom na odnosu do zaposlenih. Podjetje Marles hiše Maribor je posebno pozornost namenilo področju usklajevanja poklicnega, družinskega in zasebnega življenja, ki izpostavlja pravico do prošnje za prilagoditev delovnih pogojev ter spodbujanje in zagotavljanje spoštovanja zasebnega življenja zaposlenih.

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