About us

Today, Marles is the oldest and largest Slovenian manufacturer of prefabricated buildings and for more than 50 years, has been synonymous for prefabricated houses. We have built more than 27,000 individual buildings and more than 380 kindergartens and schools, with the reason that our company plays such an important strategic role lying in the development of prefabricated construction based on knowledge and experience in the areas of development, production and marketing of prefabricated houses. We collaborate with research institutions, the competition and business partners in all development areas aimed at promoting and developing prefabricated construction.

Marles houses are modern, superbly designed, adapted to a variety of purposes and regional and climatic conditions. Marles guarantees the highest level of quality. Thus, all materials used in the production of Marles houses, the entire Marles construction process and its technological process are in accordance with international standards. Regular production controls are carried out by independent internationally recognized institutions that award certificates of conformity and quality labels to Marles products and processes that meet internationally comparable quality requirements. A key feature of the Marles construction method is that construction is carried out indoors in a controlled climate and is therefore independent of the weather and provides the possibility of quickly moving in. Marles houses provide pleasant and healthy living climates.

Marles architects are constantly plotting new architectural solutions. We offer a range of houses that are suitable for various family sizes and adapted to the various lifestyles of their future residents. A type house is characterized by its rational design and ideal utilisation of every square meter of floor area. Marles houses can also be individually designed – tailored to the wishes and needs of the client. All building materials of Marles houses have a positive impact on people and offer an extremely healthy and pleasant climate and are harmless to the environment. Due to their energy efficiency, Marles houses ensure significant energy savings and lower costs for comfortable living.

New trends are moving towards the sustainable construction of high-efficiency and passive buildings with higher added value and the increasing share of prefabricated buildings in general. Due to a lack of time, more and more customers are opting for turn-key construction with Marles offering customers integrated solutions.

Timber prefabricated construction or the construction of buildings with a timber frame is quick, accurate, independent of the weather and fire- and earthquake-safe, and above all, extremely energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. Due to all these advantages, prefabricated timber structures are already well-established in most developed countries and represent the right solution for permanent and healthy living.

Development trends, innovations in the area of materials, as well as ecological and energy saving elements are incorporated into the development of Marles houses. An important guideline is the individual for we wish each house to be the fruit of individual wishes, thereby enabling the buyer optimal satisfaction. In our strategic objective, we continuously strive for innovation and improvement and monitor developments in the fields of prefabricated construction, trends and environmental policies.