Why Marles?

Marles houses are the result of years of development

They include development trends, innovations in materials and ecological and energy saving elements. An important guideline is the individual, because we want our houses to harmoniously connect with their lifestyle, enabling optimum satisfaction. In our strategic objective, we continuously strive for innovation and improvement and monitor novelties in the fields of prefabricated construction, trends and environmental policies.

New trends are moving towards the sustainable construction of high-efficiency and passive buildings with higher added value and an increasing share of prefabricated buildings in general. Due to a lack of time, more and more customers are opting for turn-key construction, with Marles offering customers integrated solutions.

New products on an ongoing basis

Design model houses have become practically obsolete as customers can work together with architects to design the house of their choice. We are also observing greater demand for our ECO systems, where thermal insulation boards are made of pure natural wood fibre. This year, we also added the blowing of cellulose fibres to our production, thus further ensuring that Marles houses do not overheat in the summer while remaining diffusionally open. Another novelty this year is the possibility of an additional gypsum fibre lining on interior walls and the inner side of exterior walls with an open diffusion option available for all Marles systems, which improves the phase shift.
Buildings constructed in accordance with the Marles ECO system are environmentally friendly and ensure high quality living. Due to timber being the main construction element, ECO buildings possess excellent insulating properties regardless of the season. The temperature in the building is constantly monitored, ensuring a biologically superior indoor climate

Prefabricated public buildings

Marles also endeavours to raise the Slovenian public’s awareness of the importance of wood construction, which is also suitable for public facilities such as kindergartens, schools, commercial buildings and tourist facilities. The trend of prefabricated construction for such facilities is very strong in Austria and Germany, with people’s awareness at a high level. These trends are also reflected in Slovenia, and at Marles, together with the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, we would like to influence the sustainable development of the entire region. Thus, we have noticed that Slovenian investors are increasingly including very high criteria regarding energy efficiency in their requirements, knowing that this will significantly reduce maintenance costs and have a positive impact on the local community.

Marles technology at the European summit

We build low-energy, highly efficient and passive houses from organic materials. The main advantages here in Slovenia lie not only in the large forest area but also the personnel who are able to make products with high added value. Marles constantly invests in the development of extremely highly-qualified professional staff. We are a team of experts who monitor novelties in prefabricated construction and environmental policies. Our mission is to be the first, to be good and to make products for the right price that in the long-term will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The advantages of wood construction

Prefabricated wood construction is durable, economical, internationally recognised, technologically-tested, strictly controlled and an affordable solution. It provides excellent thermal insulation and thus results in low maintenance and heating costs. Construction is quick and resistant to fires, floods and earthquakes. Wooden buildings are dry immediately after completion and enable healthy living immediately after construction.
All the aforementioned prove that wooden prefabricated buildings are not merely individual living facilities. Marles constructed a two-storey office building measuring 2,200 square meters in France. It was built in line with the Marles ECO system with a wooden larch façade, with larch timber also used for the windows and interior structural columns.
We have constructed nearly 400 child-care facilities, enabling children comfortable, safe, healthy, warm and dry residential spaces that are environmentally friendly and cheaper to maintain. Wood is the most energy efficient building material because its extraction, transportation, treatment and processing consume less energy when compared to other materials.

Why choose a Marles house?

1. Because its construction is continuous during all stages of construction, ensuring a minimum construction period.
2. Because of its competitive price, you will receive an above-average building thermal envelope made from natural materials that ensures optimum energy efficiency and high quality of living.
3. Because Marles has the highest rating as proven by the “Excellent SME Slovenia” web certificate obtained at the end of 2012, issued by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the COFACE credit rating company.
4. Because the entire construction of the building is implemented by one partner, who, together with prefabricated construction experts, ensures the supervision and the quality of all works performed on the building and warrants its work.
5. Because for all phases of turn-key construction, you are ensured the most favourable prices. This is due to the favourable purchasing conditions achieved by Marles as the leading and largest Slovenian manufacturer of prefabricated buildings.
6. Because you will enjoy the same type and quality of construction as Marles customers in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France, as Marles possesses the most important international quality certificates: CE (European Union), Passivhaus (Europe), Minergie (Switzerland), UÄ (Austria) Ü (Germany) and has, therefore, fully standardised production that is subject to ongoing supervision by international institutes.
7. Because due to its rich and more than half a century long tradition and recognisable brands, Marles buildings will maintain their market value in the long-term.
8. Because the conclusion of a contract with Marles ensures the fixed price of the building during all stages of its construction for a minimum of twelve months. This means that Marles assumes the risk of rising prices of materials, energy and services.
9. Marles uses only tested and certified materials from recognised suppliers in its production and construction that offer optimum comfort and healthy living and have only a minimal impact on the environment because of their natural origin.
10. Because the entire prefabricated part of the building, including the façade and installation of joinery, is manufactured under controlled climatic conditions, which is a guarantee for      quality, quick and weather-independent workflow on the construction site and provides optimal resistance to fire, wind and earthquakes.
Individual construction
The fulfilment of individual wishes of our customers represents a challenge. We are one of the rare companies that can make you the house of your dreams according to your specifications. Whereas until recently pre-fabricated houses were considered boring and always the same, this is no longer the case. Today, we can make a unique house that is contemporarily-designed, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. There are practically no barriers and constraints in fulfilling your individual wishes. With young and renowned Slovenian architects and our team of experts, we will help you realise your dreams.

Financial stability
Nowadays, it is especially important to choose a reliable partner when constructing houses. A partner who regularly pays its obligations to suppliers, subcontractors and employees, while investing in development. Only in this way can it be possible to provide the high level of quality to which we are committed.

Individual construction of contemporarily-designed buildings
With renowned Slovenian architects, we enable our customers the fulfilment of all their individual wishes. We will make you the house of your dreams, tailored to a specific location, contemporarily designed and manufactured in line with the highest standards of economy and from all-natural materials that are environmentally friendly. Marles individual houses also fully meet the requirements of the ECO Fund to obtain grant funding.

This allows for adjustments to both Marles type houses and Marles individual houses based on your needs and wishes. Based on the cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture, Marles experts and architects will present you with innovations in the area of passive and highly efficient low energy buildings.