Customised houses



Choosing your home is one of the key steps that you will take in your life. If your home is fully customised to you, our dear client, i.e. to your needs, orientations and wishes, that makes it even better. All your individual wishes will be met by renowned architects. The contemporarily designed house of your dreams will be created for you, one that is adapted to a specific location and manufactured in compliance with state-of-the-art energy efficiency criteria from completely natural and environment-friendly materials.

The strategic focus of Marles Hiše is to continuously strive towards innovation, improvements and following prefabricated construction novelties, trends and environment-friendly guidelines. An increasing number of houses are constructed in the form of high energy-efficient passive houses.

Prefabricated wooden houses are also becoming increasingly popular. 

Prefabricated wooden houses constitute a permanent, economic, globally renowned, technologically proven, tightly controlled and cost-effective solution. They provide you with exceptional thermal insulation that leads to low maintenance and heating costs. Prefabricated wooden houses are constructed quickly and are fire, flood and earthquake resistant. They dry immediately after they are completed and facilitate healthy living immediately following construction.

For these reasons, prefabricated wooden houses are far more than customised living facilities; they are a perfect choice for your future home!

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