New Architectural Wind of Prefabricated Wooden Buildings



State-of-the-art architectural trends and customised house projects that have either been carried out recently or are still under construction indicate the sheer ambition and architectural knowledge of our clients and what can be done for them by Marles Hiše.
Houses designed for demanding and unique tastes constitute a symbiosis of architecture and functionality by consistently applying sustainable, high-quality and environment-friendly materials and an exceptional manufacturing process.There are hardly any constraints nowadays when it comes to meeting your wishes and ideas in prefabricated wooden buildings.Well thought-out plans and intelligently customised layouts facilitate a high quality of living in your customised house.
As the demand for unique buildings is on the rise, Marles Hiše has been increasingly liaising with local and foreign architects.Therefore, hereinafter you are presented with a few of our most recent unique house projects constructed recently or still under construction.

Time to rest. Time to relax. Time when your dreams come true.


Villa M – Notranjska 2014



Villa R –  Ljubljane 2015



Villa MM2 – Maribor 2015


Villa MM1 – Maribor 2015


Villa G –Koroška 2015