Solar energy is considered one of the most important renewable energy sources, the power and dimensions of which are almost unlimited. That is why it can be exploited in Marles houses to also generate electricity. The resulting electric power that is obtained by means of photovoltaic modules contributes to sustainable supply of electricity and does not burden the environment. It develops an innovative, sustainable way of producing energy.
This electricity is considered "green" electricity, and the European Union has stipulated that by 2020 each Member State must produce up to 12% green electricity. Marles is following these guidelines and enables its customers to actively participate in the global project of generating electricity from renewable sources and with no undesirable environmental pollution.
Conversion of solar energy into electricity
Photovoltaics is basically the conversion of solar energy into electricity, which supplies power to electrical appliances, lighting, etc. Furthermore, a photovoltaic system does not need direct light, as it works even with scattered (diffused) light. Photovoltaic modules, which are mounted on the roof of a Marles house, are actually a home solar power station that is integrated into the local power grid. It also enables the sale of surplus energy into the electricity network.

How does it work?

Photovoltaic modules produce DC electricity, which is converted into alternating current in the inverter, suitable for transmission to the power grid and for household use. With the installation of a photovoltaic system, a Marles house can become not only a passive or self-sufficient house in terms of energy but actually a plus-energy house. The first Marles house of this kind was completed in 2010. This house works without any help from external fossil fuels and generates even more energy than its owners use for their own needs


Planning and implementation

As in all other cases of technologically advanced solutions, our clients opting for the installation of a photovoltaic system are provided with all the necessary engineering consultancies and the implementation of projects by Marles designers; care is also taken for the correct dimensioning of the roof and the roof structure as well as the actual implementation of the entire photovoltaic system.