Resistance to wind

ODPORNOST NA VETER bigstock Wind bent Tree In Fire

Marles houses are resistant to wind, a feature that is achieved through individual static calculations for each building based on its location and in consideration of the wind velocity based on a wind map. At Marles, we follow the rules in their entirety, thus taking into account Slovenian and European standards on the effects of wind on structures when making static calculations. In this way, the so-called mechanical resilience and stability of the structure and the entire building can be ensured.

Marles houses designed and built in line with such calculations and plans can withstand projected impacts. Because all the prescribed safety factors are considered when preparing the project documentation, Marles houses can withstand stronger impacts than those envisaged in calculations.
Throughout the entire production process (planning, production of elements and their assembly), a lot of attention is paid to ensuring correct connection between the roof covering and the roof framework as well as between the roof framework and ceiling and wall structures. The proper design and computational verification of adhesive elements such as nails and screws with which the roof covering is attached to the roof frame prevent the wind from uncovering the roof. In our production process, only those fastening elements are used that have all the required certificates of conformity and quality.

The quality of the implemented construction is guaranteed by design calculations carried out by our skilled construction professionals as well as by the implementation in the production area itself carried out under controlled conditions by our production experts as well as by our trained assembly teams, thereby ensuring that Marles houses are all-around quality buildings that are safe places to live even in the event of extremely strong winds and storms.