Course of construction

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In wooden prefabricated construction, the course of construction slightly differs from classic construction.

The fundamental feature of a wooden prefabricated construction as provided by Marles is that the entire wooden, industrially produced part of the building (its whole structure), including the façade and the installation of joinery, is manufactured in production under controlled climatic conditions, thus providing a guarantee of quality and a fast workflow on the construction site regardless of the weather conditions.

It is very important that the largest part of the construction of the building takes place under pre-prepared and computerised factory plans by taking the utmost account of standards of industrial production. Work in the production area is done with production precision and is performed professionally by experienced employees in accordance with prescribed procedures. Here, it is very important that all the industrially manufactured elements of a building are manufactured accurately and with no tolerance. This is a condition for the parts to match exactly during the assembly, which is extremely important for ensuring the required material properties of a building.

The assembly of an industrially produced MARLES house at the construction site is carried out under the expert supervision of qualified professionals who assemble the house in a few days and can then commence finishing works. This significantly reduces the exposure of the object to weather conditions at the site and to the human factor, which poses much more risk at the site than in the industrial production process.

Presentation showing the construction of an industrially prefabricated Marles house:

1.  Excavation for the foundation or basement and preparation of the foundation plate or basement.

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2.  Industrial production of the building construction with built-in joinery and implemented façade in the production area.

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3.   Assembly of a Marles house.

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4.   Roofing and tinplate works and implementation of the finishing façade Works.

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6.   Implementation of mechanical and electrical installation in the building and the implementation of screed.

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6.   Implementation of painting works, laying of parquet and ceramics, implementation of interior stairs, sanitary ceramics and interior doors. 

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