Leopold Fenster Window collection

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    Wood - always with you in life and ... your living area

    Whether wood or wood/aluminium combined, you will always find a large selection of wood types and colour combinations in any of the current ranges of LEOPOLD FENSTER windows. So the look of your casement can be completely tailored to both your needs and the existing interior.

    Available in different thicknesses, our windows are made of high-quality laminated wood including spruce, fir, larch, pine, oak or meranti, and always with continuous strips on the visible sides. Several combinations of different wood types and exotic wood are additionally available.
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    "We experience life through our perceptions and it is coloured with the colours we decide to paint it with." Greg Anderson

    Nowadays, wooden elements can be spiced up with many colours and shades adding that final touch to the exquisite appearance of your home.
    To grant a long servicing life of your window, we only use environmentally friendly, water-based translucent and covering paints.
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    Aluminium shell

    Unique design and architectural solutions

    Combine aluminium and wood, and you bring the best from both worlds together; windows featuring an aluminium shell are perfectly adapted to challenging weather conditions, are easy to maintain and clean. Select your preferred colour from the RAL chart. Or you might prefer a wood type-based colour. Choose between coupled or welded corners of the aluminium shell.
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    Modern windows usually feature hinges designed for combined opening, allowing both wide opening and tilting. Latest technologies allow for the upgrading of standard hinges for remote control operation, time-limited or automatic interval ventilation controlled via smartphone applications, as an option.

    Opt for hidden hinges to accentuate the beauty of wood.
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    Security is a prerequisite for a comfortable and relaxing stay, and actually one of the basic needs of each individual.

    Thanks to the use of quality materials, precise manufacturing and fittings supplied by renowned manufacturers, LEOPOLD FENSTER windows provide a high level of protection against damage and burglary already in their standard versions. With their fittings upgraded, appropriate safety glazing and security handles installed, LEOPOLD FENSTER windows can provide a security protection level compliant with the RC2 standard.

    Even in the ventilation mode, increased protection against burglary is provided thanks to specially designed power hinges allowing a motor-controlled closing of the casement and, at the same time, its parallel displacement to approx. 6mm. As a result, even in this mode the system remains certified as burglar-protected according to the max. RC2 Standard.
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    Modern look, straight lines and high-quality materials

    The LEOPOLD FENSTER range of wooden windows is distinguished by their modern look, straight boundary lines, high-quality materials and state of the art technological solutions.
    Highlighted are straight lines of the edges and endings of the casement. With their aluminium-glass boundary line harmonised with façade details, both the outer boundary line and the aluminium shell are designed to highlight the architecture of the building.
  • Certificates

    Our products are tested and certified by high-ranking international institutions:

    PASSIVHAUS – certificates awarded by this certifying institute located in Darmstadt, Germany, define standards for passive construction and supervision of the executed work. As a development-oriented manufacturer using advanced technologies, we have been awarded this certificate confirming that both our wooden and wood-aluminium windows comply with all standards qualifying them as genuine passive windows, not to be confused with windows merely suitable for passive construction.

    IFT ROSENHEIM – certificates awarded for individual statements on heat transfer for windows are based on a special conversion program validated by IFT Rosenheim as the notified institute.

    On the national level, we cooperate with the ZAG and ZRMK Institutes which are the leading national institutions in the field of civil engineering.
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    Numerous design options for handles are available with LEOPOLD FENSTER windows; fitted as standard are Hoppe ATLANTA or Hoppe TOULON handles, both featuring the SECUSTIC security system. Convenient to hold and operate, these high-quality handles are available in a variety of materials and colours.


At MARLES, we believe in a healthy environment. We believe that by applying modern green technology and following sustainable business practices on a daily basis we are able to, step-by-step, improve the world.​