• Supreme Natur


    Triple-layer glass composed of 4Low-e/18 TGI Ar/4/18 TGI Ar/4Low-e, Ug=0.5 W/m2K


    A modern sharp boundary line with the possibility of décor from exotic wood is harmonised with the interior of your home.


    Three seals are integrated as standard, of which two are in the window overlay and one is in the aluminium shell.

    Aluminium shell

    Aligned with glass, the aluminium shell is mounted on the outside to protect the window against exterior influences. You can choose any RAL colour or imitations of different sorts of wood as well as between the coupled or welded corners of the aluminium shell.

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  • Wood More

    Being functional and sustainable, modern architecture is also environmentally friendly. With their modern appearance and technical characteristics, windows made of wood provide the best choice for new generation low-energy, passive and energy positive residential buildings.

    Available in different thicknesses, our windows are made of high-quality laminated wood including spruce, fir, larch, pine, oak or meranti, and always with continuous strips on the visible sides.

    As a speciality, the LEOPOLD FENSTER SUPREME range offers an additional selection of exotic wood types, which can be used as a decorative accessory on the inside and thus adapted to your wishes and perfectly matching your interior.
  • Colour chart More

    "Wood is beautiful; maintaining and caring make it eternally yours."
    Nowadays, wooden elements can be spiced up with many colours and shades adding up that final touch to the exquisite appearance of your home.

    You can choose from a wide range of colour coatings shown in both our own and RAL colour charts. To grant a long servicing life of your window, we only use environmentally friendly, water-based translucent and covering paints.

    SURFACE TREATMENT: Triple coating including basic impregnation and intermediate layer applied by dipping, and final coating applied by spraying. All our paints are acrylic-based. Shades are available as shown in our own or RAL colour chart, or based on your sample
  • Aluminium shell More

    The LEOPOLD FENSTER SUPREME range features a large choice of colour combinations and imitation materials. It is marked by a modern design of the boundary line between the glass and the shell, allowing both a unique look and advanced architectural solutions.

    With their aluminium-glass boundary line harmonised with façade details, both the outer line and the aluminium shell are designed to highlight the architecture of the building.
    With all RAL colours, imitations and special processing treatments available, the SUPREME range really is something special.

  • Hinges More

    Winkhaus hinges
  • Security More

    Enhanced theft protection even in ventilation mode

    The LEOPOLD FENSTER SUPREME range features enhanced theft protection. Its BDT power hinge is automated and timed to assure the required air exchange with a healthy atmosphere in all rooms as a result. BDT power hinges allow a motor-controlled opening of the casement and, at the same time, its parallel displacement of approx. 6mm. Even in this mode the system remains certified as burglar-protected according to the max. RC2 Standard..

    The system allows setting the schedule for ventilation in advance. In this way, fresh air is provided to the interior spaces with no intervention from the user required and without fear of unwanted interference in your home.

    Moreover, these top power hinges impress with their design and user friendliness. This high-quality and timelessly shaped drive unit is available in a variety of colours to perfectly match any room.. Thanks to both a backlit touch screen and clearly labelled keys, the operation is very easy.
  • Handles More

    As standard for the LEOPOLD FENSTER SUPREME product range, Hoppe TOULON handles are fitted. These feature the SECUSTIC security system with a special security clutch integrated in its mechanism to prevent any kind of movement of the handle from outside and thus any opening of the window by force.

    Convenient to hold and operate, these high-quality handles are available in a variety of materials and colours.
  • Profile Dimensions
  • Mounting thickness _ 75+20 mm, Visible width (L + R + above) _ 122 mm, Visible width (below) _ 122 mm
  • Fitting shapes
  • rectangular, oblique
  • Opening modes
  • fixed, combined (D, DK), foldable walls, sliding - tilting walls, lifting - sliding walls, opening inwards / outwards
  • Threshold
  • Aluminium bracket, Weser threshold
  • Heat transfer through window (Uw)
  • Uw≤0,80 W/m2K
  • Heat transfer through glass (Ug)
  • Ug=0,5 W/m²K
  • Glass-integrated spacers
  • TGI
  • Sound insulation through single wing windows (dB)
  • 34 dB
  • Number of seals
  • Standard_3