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Marles, a reliable and efficient business partner offering coordinated construction solutions, value adding building features and more sustainable buildings, built to last.
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Experts with proven sustainable timber-based construction

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Modular solutions, for systematic efficiency

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Efficient and trust-worthy, transparent approach

Our professional solutions

At Marles, we believe in elevating the art of living and this requires the best in building design and project management. We work with investors and architects to build residential housing, tourism developments, public and commercial buildings, including apartments, schools, and kindergartens. If you have a project, then talk to us about how we can help to achieve it.

Key benefits of
timber construction

Thoughtful planning, production in a controlled environment
Pre-manufactured walls allow for a clean and fast installation without waste and mess (unlike traditional construction)
Optimal for renovations – also with the possibility of adding floors. Suitable for future adaptations
Positive impact on the environment. Use of natural materials with a negative CO2 footprint

Sustainability matters to us

Building Green-ovative homes
for more then 100 years

64% of materials from Marles home is recyclable

100% of wood comes from European Forests

80 years of building homes in the heart of Slovenia's Pohorje forests

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