Prefabricated houses of the Pure and Prime lines
We are presenting our new lines of typical houses

New range of Marles houses

Prefabricated house Montmartre
Forever mine is not a line. It is the way to the house of your dreams. Plan with us.

Forever mine

Marles individual house
Individual house

Forever mine

Your home, your way. The freedom of personalised living in our Individual Homes.
Do you have an uneven or unusual shaped plot?
Do you want a sauna and freestanding bath as part of your bedroom?
Do you have an architect’s plan and seek a turnkey solution?

Sustainability matters to us

Building Green-ovative homes for more then 100 years

64% of materials from Marles home is recyclable

100% of wood comes from European Forests

80 years of building homes in the heart of Slovenia's Pohorje forests

Innovative Engineering

Easily incorporate the latest concept of living into the design of your dream home

Marles Architectural Studio

Whether you opt for a fully customized custom wooden house or a house from our catalog, Marles Architecture Studio is the first step on the way to your dream home.

How to create your dream home, with Marles


Discover the benefits of sustainable, manufactured timber homes, with Marles

1 appointment

Design your dream home or choose from a selection of pre-designed models

1-3 months

Offer: Select the construction phase, define the scope of works

1 month

Sign the contract

1 week

We prepare the necessary documentation

2-6 months

A home in the making: The construction elements are manufactured in a controlled environment

2 months

Ground preparation and foundation slab: Prepare the building site and the foundation slab

3 months

Installation of the house: It starts under the vigilant eye of the site manager

2 weeks

Execution of the craftwork: heating, screed, parquet, tiles, etc.

4-6 months

Handover, moving in and enjoying your new home

1 month

Start a project with us

Free consultation on choosing your future home