Pridobivanje sončne energije


Solar energy is an inexhaustible resource, which in Marles houses is harnessed with photovoltaic modules to generate clean electricity. This contributes to a sustainable electricity supply while reducing the burden on the environment. Photovoltaics represent an innovative way of generating green electricity, in line with the European Union's guidelines for increasing the share of renewable energy sources by 2020.

Converting solar energy into electricity

Photovoltaics efficiently convert solar energy into electricity to power household appliances and lighting. Photovoltaic systems also operate in diffuse light, which means they do not rely solely on direct sunlight. In this way, Marles houses become home solar power plants that connect to the local electricity grid, and can sell the surplus energy.

How it works

The photovoltaic modules produce direct current, which is converted to alternating current by means of an inverter. By installing a photovoltaic system, the Marles house can become energy self-sufficient or even a plus energy house. The first of such projects was completed already in 2010.

Planning and execution

Marles offers full consultancy and project implementation for solar power plants, including planning, roof dimensioning and implementation of the whole system.