How to create your dream home, with Marles

Building your dream home is one of the most important decisions of your life. Marles is your reliable partner in taking this important step. We will share with you our many decades of knowledge and experience, and apply our expertise in the design of the home of your dreams. Our team of experts will advise you, prepare the project documentation and make the process of building a turnkey house, smooth and stress-free.

1. Learn about the advantages of Marles

1 appointment

We introduce you to an experienced team of experts who will help you select the house of your dreams. When you pay a visit to Marles, you will have the opportunity to learn about the key advantages of prefabricated wooden construction compared to traditional construction. We will show you the different construction systems and energy standards we offer. Our goal is to provide you with a complete building experience, and we are ready to answer any questions you may have and describe the process of working with Marles.


2. Design your dream home or choose from a selection of pre-designed models

1-3 months

Marles Architecture Studio has already made it easier for many clients to select a home with its Prime and Pure ranges, which offer well thought-out designs, for your new home.

Our commitment extends to individual solutions, where we offer you complete flexibility in the placement and design of your space. Whatever the challenges of the plot, together we will find solutions that will meet your wants and needs, creating an individual home that you will always be proud of.

Our goal is to create a home that reflects your unique style and way of life.


3. Offer

1 month

At Marles, we offer a variety of construction packages tailored to your wishes and needs. With our packages, you can choose the scope of work that suits you best and get quality construction at different prices. Our packages are designed to give you a choice that is tailored to your budget.

4. Signing the contract

1 month

Once you have selected your construction package, you will sign a contract that sets out all the key details of the construction of your home. With Marles, you enter a contract that guarantees your security and protects your interests during the construction process. Our goal is to provide clarity and transparency to avoid any misunderstandings during construction.

5. Documentation

2-6 months

Marles helps you prepare all the necessary documentation such as the building permit, project for implementation and workshop documentation. Our experts will support and advise you in the collection and preparation of all the necessary documents to ensure a smooth construction process of your home. With our help and expertise, you will save a great amount of time that would otherwise be spent on obtaining various permits and, above all, compliance with the applicable regulations will be guaranteed.


6. A home in the making

2 months

The production of a Marles house takes place in climate-controlled conditions, where we ensure that the technical core is preserved and knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. The prefabricated elements of the building, including the façade, the joinery, the installation layer, and the roof elements, are produced with industrial precision using CNC machines. The weather-independent workflow allows for fast on-site assembly, ensuring the possibility of early occupation and optimum resistance to fire, wind, and earthquake.

Unlike many other providers who shift the construction phases to the construction site, Marles ensures quality with a construction system that complies with international standards. Regular monitoring is performed by independent experts who validate the quality with various certificates, preventing risks due to adverse weather conditions and ensuring the reliability and durability of the building.

7. Ground preparation and foundation slab

3 months

Before construction can begin, the ground must be prepared and a foundation slab laid. During this time, Marles experts can advise you on the preparation of the ground and the conformity of the base slab to ensure quality and strength. Preparation of the ground and the foundation slab is crucial for the successful and stable construction of your home. Once the site is prepared and the foundation slab constructed, your home is ready for erection and installation.

8. Installation of the house

2 weeks

Once the house elements have been manufactured and the concrete slab is in place on site, the construction of the house begins. The largest elements are assembled using mobile cranes under the supervision of the site manager. The site manager is responsible for coordinating the construction process and keeping you regularly informed of the progress of the work. The supervisor and the site manager both inspect the quality of the work. After the main assembly work is completed, which usually takes 2-3 days, the rest of the craft work begins, such as laying of the parquet flooring, tiles, stairs, heating installation, depending on your selected package.

Nine out of ten Marles house buyers opt for a turnkey house, thus entrusting us with the execution of all the works on the building. Marles is committed to optimum execution of the prefabrication work to ensure the sustainability, stability, and functionality of your home.

9. Execution of craft works

4-6 months

After the installation of the house, the craft work follows, such as laying the parquet flooring, tiles, stairs, and heating installation. The Marles experts will ensure the quality of the craft work, which depends on the selected construction package. Each part of the work will be carefully executed to the highest quality standards to ensure a comfortable and functional living environment.


10. Handover and moving in

1 month

After completion of all construction and craft works, the building is handed over and you can move in. Our team will assist you with the inspection of the building, receipt of warranty certificates, maintenance instructions and other necessary documents. With Marles, you will receive a fully functional and ready home that you can move into with peace of mind.