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Advanced solutions

Our core mission is to realise the vision of a home of your own design. This is why Marles' advanced solutions offer you a state-of-the-art living concept and cater to all your requirements and wishes. Choose your own and integrate it into the design of your dream home.

Sustainable power supply

Solar power plant

Electricity consumption in passive and nearly zero-energy houses is extremely low. There are, however, still some energy costs. This energy can be fully provided by installing solar panels, which use the sun to produce all the energy needed ...

To reduce consumption

Nearly zero-energy House

According to the Energy Act, a nearly zero-energy house (NZEH) is a house with very high energy performance, where the energy required for operation must be to a very significant extent produced from renewable sources on-site or nearby ...

Multimodal living

Smart house

A smart house is without a doubt the house of the future, because it can be managed and controlled from anywhere, at any time. More and more Marles clients are choosing to install smart installations in their new home, allowing them to automate the various systems in the house ...

To reduce consumption

Passive house

A passive house is designed to use less energy for its operation and in turn produce it in an efficient way. It uses renewable energy sources and internal inputs so that it hardly needs any additional heating or cooling. The passive house standard ...