To reduce consumption

Solar power plant

Electricity consumption in passive and nearly zero-energy houses is extremely low. There are, however, still some energy costs. Most of this energy can be provided by installing photovoltaic panels, which use the sun to generate electricity. With your own solar power plant, you can be energy self-sufficient and independent of market price fluctuations.

Putting the environment first

For Marles, looking after the environment is of key importance. A solar power plant uses renewable resources, is quiet, has no moving parts and requires minimal maintenance. By using a solar power plant with an energy storage battery, you can reduce your electricity bill and generate and store surplus energy.

Why opt for a solar power plant?

Harnessing renewable energy

No pollution

Quiet operation

Minimal maintenance

No radiation

Reduction of electricity costs

Solar power plant operation

At Marles, we have long been committed to the concept of energy self-sufficiency, which is why pre-installation for a solar power plant and for an electric vehicle charging station comes as standard in our buildings - and is one of our main competitive advantages. With the installation of a solar power plant, we can generate all the necessary energy for the operation of the building on our own, which, together with the appropriate energy storage, leads to self-sufficiency in your home.

R House

The R House uses low-energy windows, a heat recovery system, heat pump heating and underfloor heating. It provides energy for heating and hot water by means of photovoltaic panels and a heat pump. The house is well insulated, glazed and shaded, which means that it also meets all the conditions for low cooling costs. The living areas have a constant temperature (21 degrees Celsius), a constant supply of fresh air, with no insects and no dust, which is made possible by the filters in the ventilation systems. The investors' focus is on comfortable living and energy saving.

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How photovoltaics work

A solar power plant is a device that converts radiation from the sun/light into electricity suitable for household use. One of the most important things when it comes to a photovoltaic system is a suitable surface where it will be installed. This can be a roof, a balcony railing, a facade, a carport, or any other suitable surface. The energy source for a photovoltaic system is light. A photovoltaic system generates electricity during daylight hours, i.e. even when it is cloudy. Therefore, even in areas where it is cloudy for most of the day and the sun is not shining, there is still enough light to generate electricity. The amount of electricity that the plant will generate depends on its peak power, the amount of solar radiation in the micro-location, the inclination and orientation of the roof, the outside temperature, and other similar factors. To set up a solar power plant, Marles will prepare all the necessary documentation for you to obtain a subsidy from the Eco Fund.

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