History and innovation

Over a century of innovation in wooden construction for better homes and buildings that are built to last.

Marles is Slovenia's most advanced and largest manufacturer of prefabricated houses, with the longest tradition in the region, a global reach and an extensive portfolio of completed projects.

Our foundations date back to 1899, and we have developed unrivalled knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of prefabricated wooden buildings.


Ferdinand Potočnik opens a carpentry workshop called "Steam Carpentry" in Limbuš near Maribor to produce quality wooden products. The Steam Carpentry in Vinarska Street mainly produced joinery (e.g. fittings for the Hutter Block). It was mainly aimed at the upper classes.


A woodworking workshop is set up, producing single-family houses.


After the death of Ferdinand Potočnik, his property is nationalised. Small workshops merged and the Maribor Wood Industry Company was founded. From 1947, when it only comprised the mentioned factories, the company grew and new factories were added, including in 1950 Wood Industry Factory Brezno-Podvelka, which is the predecessor of today's Podvelka unit, and the Wood Industry Factory Lovrenc. In 1951, the Maribor Wood Industry Company consisted of 31 factories - units.


At the beginning of 1960, the following two companies were merged into the Maribor Wood Industry Company:

- OPREMA, veneered furniture factory in Maribor, at 15 Partizanska Street,

- MARIBOR FURNITURE FACTORY, at 24 Zrkovska Street.

From 6 January 1961 the company operated under the name MARLES, Maribor wood and furniture industry.

Among the companies merged into Maribor Wood Industry Company was also the Limbuš Wood Industry Company. It started the construction of a new sawmill at the Limbuš complex, which was completed in 1959 by the Maribor Wood Industry Company team (the opening of the factory with the sawmill took place on 29 November 1959). Immediately after the merger, there was a desire to transfer the production activity to the Limbuš complex, where Marles is still based today.


Acquisition of the German and Austrian "Gütezeichen" quality label for houses and services and start of construction of the first Marles buildings (schools, preschools, student residences, clinics, etc.) with floor areas of more than 5,000 m2/building.


For the needs of the settlement in Rožna dolina, Marles develops a large-wall construction system that is still used today.


Establishment of the Marles Hiše Maribor d.o.o. subsidiary, which continues the tradition of building prefabricated wooden buildings.


Construction of the first Marles low-energy houses begins, following the latest criteria for low-energy construction.


The Austrian subsidiary is established (Marles Fertighaus GmbH).

The first passive house is constructed in Slovenia.

The first house with a negative carbon footprint is built in Slovenia.

The brand with the highest number of independent European Technical Approvals (ETAs) obtained and Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) completed in Slovenia.


As the first Slovenian company, Marles receives the European Technical Approval (CE mark) for prefabricated wooden elements and at the same time builds a passive house.


Marles receives the Swiss MINERGIE certificate for low-energy construction and the German PASSIVHAUS certificate for the constructed passive house.


The first Marles active house is constructed.


Marles receives a national recognition for its strategic role and development in the development and production of prefabricated wooden houses.

Development of Marles modular buildings and wooden modular houses.


The Trebelno Sports Centre (designed by Kontra Architects, executed by Marles Hiše and the company CGP) receives the national award for Best Wooden Building of 2020 in the category of Public Buildings.


Marles is the leading partner of a consortium of 12 renowned and ground-breaking Slovenian companies (Marles hiše Maribor, Petrol, Gorenje, Alples, ETI, Danfoss Trata, JUB, Helios, TBPLUS, Intectiv, Robotina, Smartis, Špica International), which are jointly working on the Home of the Future development project. This development project is also supported by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the European Regional Development Fund.

Marles is a SPIRIT Ambassador of the Slovenian Economy.


Opening of the smartest house in Slovenia - the Dom24h house.


Presentation of the new brand image and sustainable architectural solutions.