Heating and cooling

Energy efficiency and heating systems

For Marles homeowners, saving on energy is both easy and comfortable. Living in a Marles house means reducing the environmental impact and heating costs, while maintaining optimal living conditions. Insulation of the building envelope using quality materials reduces heat loss, allowing efficient heating and reduced energy costs.

Underfloor, wall and ceiling heating

In a Marles house, you can have underfloor, wall or ceiling heating. Due to the excellent thermal properties of the building envelope, heat is transferred through the air and low-temperature heating surfaces, ensuring comfortable living. In summer, the heating surfaces also provide space cooling.

Heat pumps

Heating with a heat pump is an environmentally friendly and energy efficient way of heating. It draws energy from the air, water, or the ground, making it a renewable source of energy.

The main advantages of heating with heat pumps are:
Using a sustainable energy source,
Affordability in the long term,
Low space consumption, and
Possibility of obtaining state subsidies.

Air-to-water heat pump

It harnesses the heat of the air to efficiently heat the house - including low-energy houses and passive houses. Installing a heat pump avoids many costs and interventions: in the heating room, furnace, fuel storage room and tank, expensive gas connections, burner, chimney construction.

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Ground-to-water heat pump

It uses a ground collector for heating and cooling the house. It is suitable if undeveloped land around the house is available.

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Water-to-water heat pump

It utilises groundwater for maximum efficiency. It delivers a stable and high temperature.

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Heating with a compact appliance

A compact appliance is ideal for both passive and active installations. It combines a heat pump and a ventilation unit, providing optimum heating, cooling, ventilation, and domestic hot water. This innovative heating solution represents a comprehensive approach to energy-efficient living in passive houses.

Wall and ceiling heating and cooling

The driving force behind our work is our commitment to quality living. In building energy-efficient homes, Marles develops heating and cooling systems that combine comfort and energy efficiency. These include wall and ceiling heating and cooling, which allow optimum use of space without the need for additional heating elements. This system, which combines perfectly with heat pumps, is recommended for all heating appliances installed in our houses.

How does it work?

Ceiling heating and cooling systems use pipes embedded in gypsum fibreboards fixed to wall or ceiling battens. When heating, the system operates with low temperature water, which reduces heating costs. The surface temperature is between 23 and 35 degrees Celsius. For cooling, water circulates at a temperature of between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius, creating a cool surface. The system provides even heating or cooling at a near-ideal temperature throughout the year. This energy-saving system is one of the most health-friendly solutions and creates a comfortable living environment even on hot summer days. Combined with a solar power plant and an energy storage unit, it is the most cost-effective form of indoor cooling.

The main advantages of wall and ceiling heating and cooling are:
The room temperature is very even
Very pleasant to live in, as there is no significant air circulation
One system covers both heating and cooling
Low operating costs