Keeping up with the future

Smart House

The smart house is the future of living, as it allows easy management and control of your home from anywhere. More and more people are choosing to install smart installations in their new homes, automating different systems and tasks, saving energy, increasing comfort, and ensuring safety.

Energy saving and total comfort

A smart home provides energy savings, comfort, and security, and enables remote control via smart devices. Smart installations control lighting, heating, audio and video and other systems.

What do smart installations offer?

Regulation of heating

Fire protection system

Option to close the main valve in case of water spillage

Monitoring of indoor air quality, humidity, and temperature

Simulating presence at home while you are enjoying a well-deserved holiday

Enhanced Marles concept


Let us highlight a few of the basic requirements that almost zero-energy homes must meet according to the Energy Act:

Digital twinning enables the integration of a house into a community and an energy chain.

Operating a smart home is simple and transparent, and is made possible by smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and smartwatches.

They can be used to control individual system components such as blinds, lights, heating, cooling and so on, at any time of the day.

Pametne inštalacije v pametni hiši

Why choose a smart home?

Control from anywhere and at any time

Optimised energy consumption

Ease of use from the user's point of view

Transparent operation and system management

Reduction of electricity costs


DOM24h is synonymous with a comfortable and healthy living and working environment. The building itself is designed in the BIM technology and therefore provides all stakeholders with the necessary information for its maximum comfort and efficient use during the stages of design, implementation, and use, and will be monitored by its digital twin throughout its life cycle.

Choose your package

Intelligence Package

At Marles, our ambition is to fully equip and prepare our buildings for a future characterised by sustainable construction and outstanding energy efficiency. The Marles Intelligence smart system ensures energy efficiency, safety, and comfort, turning every new house into a smart home. Remote control over the internet lets you control the blinds, lighting, heat pump and ventilation, as well as simulate occupancy. Liquid spillage and motion sensors will alert you of any unwanted events via your smartphone.