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Wind resistance

The wind resistance of Marles houses is the result of a precise structural calculation that takes into consideration the wind speed in relation to the location of the building. By following Slovenian and European standards on the effects of wind on structures, we ensure the mechanical resistance and stability of the entire building.

Marles houses are designed and built to withstand all foreseen stresses, considering all safety factors. Careful planning of the joints between the roofing, the roof structure and the ceiling and wall structure is essential, and certified fasteners are used.

In the production process, special attention is paid to the roofing to roof structure connection, to prevent roof exposure and to ensure quality through structural calculations. Our experts carry out supervision under controlled production conditions and through using qualified installation teams, high quality workmanship is ensured. This makes the Marles house an all-round quality building, safe to live in, even in strong winds and storms.