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Acoustic insulation

Quality of life without noise

The insulation of a house plays a key role in ensuring a good quality of life. Acoustic insulation is particularly important as it protects against unpleasant noise, creates a comfortable environment, and maintains the intimate feel of the home. When constructing wooden structures, we use a combination of acoustic insulation materials to achieve high standards comparable to the conventional solid construction.

The Marles construction elements have been extensively tested at the Holzforshung acoustics institute in Vienna. The results show excellent sound insulation performance in all Marles buildings.

Very good sound insulation is guaranteed

The exterior wall of a Marles house, made of rock mineral wool and cellulose, achieves exceptional sound insulation (approximately Rw50 dB). This means that it reduces the noise of vehicles passing by the house from 80 dB to 30 dB, making it virtually imperceptible inside the house.

Rock mineral wool and cellulose are the key insulation materials in Marles houses. Rock mineral wool, with its interwoven mineral fibre structure, acts as an effective sound dampener between rooms, while at the same time preventing the transmission of impact sound, such as walking or moving objects. The cellulose is installed by machine and is free of joints, gaps, and thermal bridges. For this reason, it provides very good sound insulation.