Marles houses are designed to high standards of technical, energy, environmental and commercial excellence. We certify their quality through continuous testing by internationally renowned institutes such as Holzforschung in Austria and FMPA Otto Graf in Germany.

The certificates obtained confirm Marles' leading role in the Slovenian market in the construction of prefabricated wooden, highly efficient low-energy and passive buildings. Our commitment to excellence is also recognised in foreign markets, where we set new trends by obtaining the most prestigious certificates.

Logo certifikata družbeno odgovoren delodajalec
Socially Responsible Employer

Marles House Maribor ranks among socially responsible employers, recognized with a certificate based on international standards.

Logo certifikata Passivhaus Institut
Passivhaus certificate from the Darmstadt Institute

The Passivhaus Institute in Darmstadt establishes the standards for passive construction and the supervision of its implementation. The certificate demonstrates the excellent energy quality of the building for our passive house in the MEGA PLUS PASIV system.

CE znak, logo evropskega tehničnega soglasja ETA
The CE mark, European Technical Approval

The ETA certificate attests that Marles houses comply with the basic safety requirements. This certificate is essential for marketing in the European Union and for obtaining the CE mark.

The CE mark on our products confirms compliance with the essential requirements for safety, health and environmental protection laid down by European regulation. Obtained from the authorised technical approval body OIB, the ETA certifies:
Mechanical resistance and stability
Safety against fire
Hygiene, health, and environmental protection
Safety in use
Protection against noise
Energy saving and heat conservation
EC-Certificate for Wood Products

Additionally, Marles holds the EC Certificate of Conformity 1359-CPD-0284 for glued laminated wood, which certifies compliance with SIST EN 14080:2005. By following the highest quality and safety standards, we ensure the reliability of our products.

Logo Passivhaus institut
Passivhaus Certificate

Certified MEGA PLUS PASSIVE system

Logo certifikata Minergie
Minergie Certificate

The Minergie No. SO-485 Certificate is a Swiss super specification that certifies the high energy efficiency of our low-energy buildings. In addition to heating, it also considers the energy consumption of the sanitary water and ventilation system.

Logo  IQ Austria certifikata
IQ Austria Certificate

International quality mark ÖQA for Marles prefabricated houses.

Logo RAL, znak kakovosti gradnje lesenih hiš
RAL Quality mark

The German RAL technical approval, awarded in accordance with the German standard DIN 1052 and RAL-GZ 422, certifies the quality of prefabricated house production. It is renewed based on regular annual inspections from the Institute.

Logo IFT Rosenheim
IFT Certificate

The thermal protection declarations for windows are obtained by a programme validated by IFT Rosenheim as a Notified Institute, in accordance with EN ISO 10077-1:2006.

Logo Excellent SME Slovenia
Excellent SME Certificate

The "Excellent SME Slovenia" certificate is a recognition of excellent business, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia in cooperation with the COFACE rating house. This recognition assures safe and trustworthy business and facilitates the decision-making process of clients.

Memberships and Rewards

Logo platinaste bonitete odličnosti za Marles
AAA Creditworthiness rating

In 2022, MARLES HIŠE MARIBOR d.o.o. was awarded the outstanding AAA PLATINUM EXCELLENCE RATING, which means three consecutive years of achieving the highest - the AAA Gold Excellence Rating. The Platinum rating confirms that we are the most reliable, creditworthy, and low-risk business entity for cooperation with all our business partners. This internationally recognised certification reflects our commitment to high standards and efficient operations.

Logo Eko sklad
Eco Fund and subsidies

Marles qualifies for the EcoFund, which enables our clients to obtain subsidies for environmentally friendly investments, as we promote investments in line with national and European environmental guidelines.

Logo Gospodarska zbornica Slovenija
Membership of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

We are members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, which effectively represents the interests of companies in relations with the state and in shaping working and business conditions. This membership brings us new opportunities for development, competitiveness, and penetration of foreign markets.

Logo Konzorcij pasivna hiša
Membership of the Consortium Passive House

As members of the Consortium Passive House, we are actively involved in the promotion of passive house construction, providing information on the passive house concept, and encouraging the construction of energy efficient buildings.

Logo Slovenki proizvajalci lesenih montažnih stavb
Association of Prefabricated Wooden Buildings Manufacturers (SPLMS)

Marles participates in the SPLMS section, which focuses on the quality of wooden construction, statistics on the production and construction of prefabricated houses and disseminates information on the benefits of prefabricated construction to the public.

Logo I feel Slovenia na znački Ambasador - zelena, ustvarjalna, pametna
Ambassador of the "green, creative and smart" economy

We proudly consider ourselves ambassadors of Slovenia's "green, creative and smart" economy, which makes us one of the innovative and sustainable companies in the national I FEEL SLOVENIA campaign. GREEN. CREATIVE. SMART.