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Your home, your way. The freedom of personalised living in our Individual Homes.

Your home, your way. The personalised freedom of living in the individual homes of the FOREVER MINE range. Work with us to design a house that is perfectly aligned with your wishes andneeds. No shortcuts and no compromises. Take the first step on the way to your unique dream home.

We opted for a prefabricated wooden house, both because of the speed of construction and the flexibility. As the house construction took place in spring, when the weather is often unpredictable, it was crucial for us to find a contractor offering closed-wall installation, ensuring that both the insulation and the base structure were protected from external influences from the outset. Marles offers this solution, and so we decided to go with them.

Bairro Alto House
Sežana, 2021

The Montmartre single-family house, comprising the ground floor and the upper floor, is designed for two people, with living areas, a small study and a music room with its own entrance and terrace on the ground floor.

House Montmartre
Hyde Park House
Podgorje pri Slovenj Gradcu, 2017

The Santa Monica house is an architectural achievement by Marles, perched on a hilltop with sophisticated elegance and boldness. It boasts a modern design and optimum use of natural light, with all living spaces facing south.

Santa Monica House

How to create your dream home, with Marles


Discover the benefits of sustainable, manufactured timber homes, with Marles

1 appointment

Design your dream home or choose from a selection of pre-designed models

1-3 months

Offer: Select the construction phase, define the scope of works

1 month

Sign the contract

1 week

We prepare the necessary documentation

2-6 months

A home in the making: The construction elements are manufactured in a controlled environment

2 months

Ground preparation and foundation slab: Prepare the building site and the foundation slab

3 months

Installation of the house: It starts under the vigilant eye of the site manager

2 weeks

Execution of the craftwork: heating, screed, parquet, tiles, etc.

4-6 months

Handover, moving in and enjoying your new home

1 month

Energy efficiency

For an energy efficient house, choose one of the packages:

Nearly zero-energy House
The overall goal of NZEH is to reduce primary energy consumption, as this will make a significant contribution to reducing the carbon footprint, for generations to come.
Passive House
A passive house is designed to use less energy for its operation and in turn produce it in an

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