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Why wooden prefabricated construction
instead of conventional?

Let us reveal the many advantages of using modern manufactured wooden construction methods. Marles innovative wooden construction allows for quick construction, energy efficiency and the limitless comfort you want in your home. Careful planning and choice of materials make it possible to build sustainably for the future, as prefabricated construction is also resistant to adverse weather conditions and natural disasters, which we have been witnessing more and more recently. In fact, at Marles, using environmentally friendly materials and the most advanced insulation, we have succeeded in providing a greener lifestyle that balances the comfort of living with the well-being of our planet.

Recently, the construction industry has undergone a renaissance through innovative approaches that offer faster, more sustainable, and more efficient construction solutions. The advantages of prefabricated construction are numerous and particularly welcome in today’s fast pace of life.


In hectic lives, time efficiency is becoming more and more valued and while conventional brick construction methods take months, sometimes years, Marles houses are characterised by their quick realization. It takes two days to complete the elements in the factory and three weeks to build and assemble the building on site, with the joinery, façade system, and roofing and carpentry work completed. The complete house, including flooring, can be ready to move into in less than two months. In our experience, the whole process is at least three times faster when compared to conventional construction methods. From the start of the assembly of the house to moving in, the construction time is five months or 150 days, which is considerably shorter than conventional construction, which requires a minimum of six months, or more.

Lower costs

The construction of a manufactured timber house is more cost-effective and, above all, predictable compared to conventional construction, as the whole process is standardised and allows for fully customised architectural solutions. Moreover, the final cost of the construction project is also known once the project and its scope have been defined - that is, before work starts; this gives you an overview of the entire project and brings predictability. You can further reduce your costs if you choose a standard type of building.

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A comprehensive approach

As early as the production stage, Marles houses are carefully fitted with joinery, balcony doors, pre-preparation for window sills and blinds, electrical and mechanical installations, and façade insulation. All of this allows for faster project completion and better-quality control. This also ensures that the finished product meets the highest standards and provides a level of workmanship that is synonymous with luxury living.

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Sustainability and energy efficiency

Innovative approaches to construction underline Marles' commitment to creating living spaces that reduce energy consumption and are in line with an environmentally conscious lifestyle. All of this in turn translates into greater comfort, lower energy bills and a lower carbon footprint, both in terms of savings and the materials used in the construction itself. Marles' commitment to the environment goes beyond energy efficiency and is also reflected in the selection of materials used in the construction.

Less thickness for more space

Did you know that wooden construction allows for structurally comparable solutions made with thinner walls? Such construction means more living space compared to solid construction. This feature is particularly important for anyone who wants to use space wisely in their home. In terms of numbers, this means 10% more living space compared to a solid-constructed house; for a single-family house, the space gained is about 8 square metres per floor.

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