Our vision

100% made in the heart of the forests of Slovenia

With over 100 years of tradition in building homes from the heart of Slovenian forests, Marles is a specialist manufacturer of sustainable and innovative wooden solutions. Our homes align perfectly with the expectations of content and warm-hearted people, who are passionate about the environment, and wish to maintain their connection with nature.


To realise the life dreams of warm-hearted people by combining innovative technologies and environmentally conscious sustainable practices to create a living environment that is connected to nature.

Otroško zadovoljstvo je del Marlesovega poslanstva


Marles is evolving into a globally recognised brand for climate-smart living, that elevates human potential, while generously serving its environment.

Trajnostno dovršene Marles hiše v skladu z vizijo


Every person should enjoy a healthy and sustainable living environment, one that awakens their inner potential, and creates a space where happiness can flourish.

Marlesov namen je dobro počutje ljudi v svojih Marles hišah


As a specialist in sustainable construction, we act as a leading manufacturer and competent consultant.

We provide our customers with innovative, efficient, comprehensive, and advanced prefabricated construction solutions.

We build trust and customer satisfaction on the foundation of enjoyable and predictable experiences.

Our Values

Through a balanced approach to life, we promote a warm, caring, and relaxed way of being.

We ensure a low environmental footprint in all areas of our business through innovative and sustainable actions.

Our innovative solutions help us build houses and interpersonal relationships that stand the test of time.

We strive for excellence and raise the bar for prefabricated home constructions, both in our home country and worldwide.