Ventilation with heat recovery

Modern well-sealed buildings require adequate ventilation, which the Marles ventilation systems provide. This innovative technology provides automatic and continuous ventilation, eliminating the need to manually open windows. Controlled ventilation brings several benefits, always including fresh air, no unpleasant odours, lower heating costs and the prevention of noise intrusion.

Benefits of controlled ventilation

Controlled ventilation is therefore essential in modern homes, which is why we at Marles have decided to offer you all the benefits of a controlled ventilation system with heat recovery in your home.

Constant fresh air in all rooms
No unpleasant odours
Major savings on heating costs
Increased security by not having to open windows
Prevention of noise intrusion into the rooms
The air is filtered and therefore pollen-free
No issues caused by increased indoor humidity, especially in bathrooms, which ensures greater durability of the building materials
No draughty feeling that might otherwise be caused by the cold outside air
How does comfort ventilation with heat recovery work?

Marles ventilation units recover heat from the outgoing air, which is then returned to the room with the fresh air. This heat recovery process helps maintain the optimum temperature and allows energy-efficient ventilation. With the help of a heat recovery unit, which transfers heat between the outgoing and incoming air, the system continuously maintains high air quality in the house. And the built-in air purification filters ensure that the air you breathe is free of impurities.

The diagram shows CO2 levels in the bedroom over a 24-hour period. The Marles comfort ventilation system continuously ensures optimal CO2 levels, which is essential for healthy living. Comparison with conventional night ventilation, which causes a spike in CO2 concentration, shows the energy and health sub-optimal practice of window opening.

The Marles high-efficiency and passive houses take advantage of controlled ventilation to replace the heating system. This integrated system allows efficient heat recovery, which contributes to the energy self-sufficiency of the house. The diagrams and CO2 graph show how Marles houses provide a sustainable and healthy living environment with the help of an advanced ventilation system.

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Schematic of comfort ventilation with heat recovery:

Demonstration of an actual implementation of a comfort ventilation system with heat recovery: