We can build the future together!

Cooperation opportunities

At Marles, we believe in the power of collaboration and creativity to design spaces that are both aesthetically appealing and functional. As a leader in modern sustainable manufactured wooden construction, we are proud of our many years of experience and expertise that enable us to co-create innovative and sustainable architectural solutions.

Over the years, Marles has worked with several renowned architects to create outstanding buildings.

Collaborations with external architects have resulted in several innovative and unique projects that have brought prefabricated wooden construction to the forefront of sustainable and modern construction.

We invite architects to join us and co-create the future of living through the creative use of manufactured wooden construction. Together we aim to design and realise inspiring visions that will contribute to the sustainable development of the building sector and improve quality of life.

Marles is Slovenia's most advanced and largest manufacturer of house construction systems with the longest tradition in the region. It boasts a global footprint and an extensive portfolio of completed projects.

Our foundations date back to 1899, and since then we have acquired unrivalled knowledge, experience, and expertise in the construction of modern sustainable manufactured wooden buildings, having created, at our advanced production site in Maribor since 1942, in the heart of the forests of Slovenia, more than 30,000 houses and 400 public buildings, schools and preschools for clients all over the world.

We design and build quality buildings using modern methods for long-lasting prefabricated wooden construction for a healthier, more efficient, and sustainable future.