6. 3. 2024

Home is more than four walls

Following the recent unveiling of the "revamped" Marles, the new image and overarching slogan are now complemented by an advertising campaign. This campaign highlights various aspects of home, encapsulating the universally familiar feeling that only a personal home can evoke.

Addressing the general public with an emotional advertisement

After presenting the new strategic direction of the company and the brand image of Marles, we are now addressing the general public with a communication campaign. In an emotional TV advertisement, we aim to take viewers through the everyday stories of homeowners, showcasing the feelings of living in and the beauty of owning a home. The initial phase of building the image is followed by highlighting Marles' key advantages. In this case, it is the possibility of complete customization of a wooden prefabricated house, its sustainable design, and outstanding functional design.

Key message: Home is more than four walls

You are home – a home is more than just a physical space. It is a place where the most beautiful memories are created and where we feel the safest.

Home is more than four walls
... it is the place of the most important meeting.
... it is a jump onto the couch after a long day.
... it is a thought about tomorrow and an expression of our personality.
... it is that "aaahhhh" feeling, where every moment stays in your memory.

Marles houses enable you to create a home; a space that is entirely yours – sustainable, aesthetically refined, and tailored to your needs. At Marles, we understand that home is not just a place to live but an expression of our personality, a place where the most important moments of our lives unfold. With our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and aesthetic design, we create homes that go beyond the ordinary and offer more than just a roof over your head. You are home – this is the promise that Marles fulfills every day.