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Silver Award for Innovation from the Styrian Chamber of Commerce to Marles

At the traditional awards ceremony for innovations in slovenian Podravje region, organized by the Styrian Chamber of Commerce, the company Marles received a silver award for their innovation "Technology for Bridging Larger Spans." On behalf of Marles, the recipients of the award were Melanja Korošec, Director of Strategic Marketing and Innovation, Tadej Medved, Head of Product Management, and Miha Miholič, Architect.

WoodSpan Technology

Marles received the silver award for WoodSpan Technology, an innovative solution that combines sustainable building practices with high functionality and aesthetics, representing a breakthrough in the wooden prefabricated housing industry. It enables the construction of large, open living spaces without the need for metal reinforcements, bringing numerous benefits to the environment and users.

WoodSpan Technology supports Marles' commitment to climate-positive construction, reducing the ecological footprint and offering many other advantages. Wood has exceptional thermal insulation capacity, structural flexibility, and also provides a healthier living environment.

"WoodSpan Technology allows for the construction of large, open living spaces in wooden prefabricated buildings. Our houses feature large and open spaces without additional columns or steel beams. The secret of success lies in the use of an innovative wood-based building material that stores 1171 kg of CO2 per cubic meter, further supporting Marles' commitment to climate-positive construction," added Tadej Medved, Head of Product Management at Marles Houses Maribor.

This award confirms Marles' innovative approach, as they continue their commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly construction through the implementation of innovations, while also ensuring high functionality and aesthetics in the wooden prefabricated housing industry. With this innovation, Marles will continue to contribute to the development of a low-carbon industry and improve the quality of living for their customers.